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CE - Experience Matters! Cranial-Facial Remodeling

The Fourth Dimension - "Time"

The Effects of Cranial-Facial Remodeling on Implants

(The A.B.E. Procedure)

Date: October 13, 2016              6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Don Giovanni            235 Castro St, Mt. View, CA 94041                                                     R.S.V.P. - 650 941-2168   by 10/7/16

         Dr. Abe has been placing implants for over 25 yrs. Most implant surgeons (both oral surgeons and periodontist ) are just beginning to utilize CBCT scans routinely which allows for three dimensional treatment planning. Most implants being placed today are still not done utilizing guided surgery, even when they were planned in 3-D, so there is still a disconnect between planning and implementation. Dr. Abe has been utilizing 3-D treatment planning and guided placement on virtually all implants since 1993. Long term implant use has now shown us that there is a fourth dimension that should be taken into account. He will discuss his insights into the fourth dimension in implant treatment planning...Time.
     It is generally thought that cranial-facial growth stops at around 18-20 yrs. Research, however, has shown that cranial-facial growth and remodeling continues well beyond early adulthood and, in fact, continues throughout life. It explains why anterior crowding occurs as we age, why contacts “open up,” margins become exposed and recession occurs over time. Most surgeons are not aware of the affects cranial-facial growth has on the long term aesthetics and viability of implants. Dr. Abe will discuss the importance of planning for cranial-facial growth and remodeling in implant placement and how his Alveolar Buccal Enhancement Procedure (A.B.E.) improves long term success. He will explain how cranial-facial growth influences recession, soft tissue graft relapse, traumatic occlusion and restoration/tooth fracture and predisposes to peri-implantitis. He will describe how to anticipate and limit the effects cranial-facial growth has on our restorations and finally the medical-legal implication of that growth.


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