Kenneth A. Abe, D.D.S.
Specialist in Periodontics
Microsurgery, Digital Dental Implantology
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There are very few Periodontists in the nation who have had formal training in Periodontal Microsurgery. The advantages to you are similar to that of arthroscopic surgery vs. the old traditional surgery on knee joints. You may be aware of athletes or even friends who have had arthroscopic surgery and are amazed at the quick recovery time and success of therapy. As in orthopedics, the advantage of Periodontal Microsurgery over traditional periodontal surgery is that the surgery is done utilizing magnification (the microscope) and Microsurgical Techniques.  This results in smaller incisions, less trauma with greater precision. Periodontal Microsurgery also allows me to see minute problems that would normally be missed without the advantage of the surgical microscope. Smaller and more delicate instruments are used. Since more delicate and exacting procedures can be performed, superior results both aesthetically and technically can be achieved. All this adds up to better results, faster healing and a more comfortable periodontal experience for you.  Periodontal Microsurgery gives you the advantage of the highest quality of care available today. That is why we are proud to offer you that advantage.


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