Kenneth A. Abe, D.D.S.
Specialist in Periodontics
Microsurgery, Digital Dental Implantology
Call: (650)941-2168

3-D Treatment Planning

In 1993 Dr. Abe was one of the first in the country to utilize CT scans to determine the best position to place dental implants. The use of CT scans allows treatment planning of implant placement in 3-dimensions rather than the normal x-rays or panorex's which only allow planning in 2 dimensions (depth and the positions of adjacent teeth). The third dimension allows evaluation of the thickness of the jaw bone as well as structures within the jaw bone. As a result implant placement, the eventual crown or bridge, their relationship to the opposing teeth, aesthetics, and required bone support can be evaluated and planned digitally before the patient comes in for the procedure. Many times, without 3-D treatment planning, the restorative dentist and lab have to adjust their restorations to compensate for the implants being placed in a non-ideal position resulting in compromised aesthetics, cleansability, and longevity.


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