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Piezosurgery - Atraumaic bone cutting


Piezosurgery is the most advanced periodontal bone cutting instrument available for surgery today. It uses high frequency vibrations to selectively cut hard bone and not soft tissues. It is similar to the saws Doctors use to cut casts off where only the hard plaster is cut but not the skin. We use the Piezosurgical instrument to cut bone during sinus lift (Grafts in the sinus for implants) procedures where the delicate sinus lining and blood vessels can easily be damaged and jaw ridge enhancements to minimize trauma to the bone. This instrument has been shown to cause the least amount of


trauma (
note bottom slide of bone cut with no dark brown tissue reaction to trauma. Live healing cells) to bone of
all cutting surgical instruments, which means faster and better healing. The Piezosurgical instrument is also used in tooth extractions and bone grafts. Less trauma means less swelling and discomfort making surgery on bone as painless as possible. A Piezosurgical drill is also used to prepare microscopic filling in areas not accessible to normal drills. Smaller restorations mean less destruction of tooth structure. In conjunction with the surgical microscope, microscopic problems that are normally missed can be corrected with small restorations.


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