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COVID-19 Controls

                                      These are unprecedented times as you well know                   .

We want to re-assure you that we are doing everything we can so make sure your visit with us is clean and safe. For those who have visited us before, you know that we have always used the "PPE" (masks, gloves, protective gowns, safety glasses) you now see front line workers using on TV. We always clean the rooms with antiviral, antibacterial disinfectant  and sterilize all instruments between patients. In addition, we are enhancing safety further. We have added the precautions of taking everyone's temperature before they enter the office to detect a possible "sick" patient. In addition you will be asked several questions to determine the risk you may have been exposed to COVID-19 before coming into the office.  by treating the air in the office. We have added air sanitizers that continuously "scrub" the air through HEPA filters which replace the air every 30-60 minutes. 

  We have also installed Ultraviolet (UVC) light sanitizers which help destroy any airborne virus' and bacteria floating around in the rooms. The UVC light also helps sterilize the surfaces in the rooms after they have been wiped down with disinfectant.

We added  "negative pressure" engineering to vent the air out of the room rather than recirculating it. That air is also treated with UVC light which helps inactivate any pathogens as the air is vented outside.  We will also being wearing face shields in addition to or instead of protective glasses and change to sanitized PPE before each patient.

We will be using high speed vacuum in your mouth to minimize the escape of any spray or aerosols into the air when using any high speed drills or ultrasonic cleaners in your mouth.

All these precautions are to minimize the risk of any "cross-contamination" between patients. For your safety, as well as ours, we have changed our "intake procedure" for all patients. To maintain social distancing, and minimize contacts, we will not be using our waiting room. We respectfully request that:


1) Before your appointment: Please visit  the page  "Patient Forms", on this website, by clicking on the highlighted words in this sentence.  Review your health history form, make any changes needed and submit it. PLEASE Bring and Wear a Mask when you come for your appointment.


 2) When you and anyone accompanying you arrive, please remain in your car.  Please call us to notify us you are in the parking lot. If we need to we will have you sign forms, make appointments, etc. while you are waiting.

2) We  will text you or call you when we are ready to have you come in to our office for your appointment. Unless absolutely necessary we recommend that everyone else remain outside the office to further minimize contacts.

3) We will ask you about possible COVID-19 risks and take your temperature before you come into the office. 


3) We will have you go directly to your operatory through the side door. Except for those directly involved in your care we will minimize contacts.


4) Though I wish I could, I will not come in to see you unless there is a specific reason to evaluate you directly. I will be reviewing all relevant data after you leave to keep current with your dental health.


5) Egress the way you came in or to the front desk if you have further business there.

Thank you for your patience in this matter. We want to make your visit here as safe as possible. . . we'll get through this together...Stay safe!


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